Thursday, July 19, 2012

Speeding Up Your Web Site

To speed up website we need to take care about certain things.
i am providing several points which you should take care while developing and deploying your website.

1. Minimize HTTP request
2. Use a CDN for static file.
3. Add an Expire Header.
4. Gzip or compress site text. here is the link for  Gzip Compression
5. Put CSS at top and script at the bottom.
6.minimize javascript.
7. Avoid duplicate Scripts.
8.Configure Etag.
9.Avoid Redirects.
10. Flush Buffer early

Definately i will elaborate on these tips or you can Google around to find some useful info!!!



  1. nice one...but looking forward to elaborate it...

  2. These are some great tips, I will be checking with my developer/designer guy to see which of these he does for my site!

    1. Thanks Hermione...Also you can check your website speed by using Yslow plugin.
      Another website to test your website speed is

  3. These are excellent tips but if you have a wordpress site it can be streamlined with a few helpful plugins such as wp-supercache

    1. Thanks Stephen...and i am looking forward for it.

  4. You may also think about caching your frequently accessed objects. Here is a blog post about caching C# objects in memcached.

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